Power Outages in California

October 29, 2019

Power Outages in California

Due to mass power outages across California, orders placed early October will be shipping late.
This week was originally scheduled for printing online orders. (Oct 28- Nov 4)
All current orders will now be printed and shipped next week. (Nov 4-11)
I apologize for the delay!

PG&E has been conducting Public Safety Power Shutoffs throughout the state.
"PSPS" (Piss-Piss, haha).
Electricity in our county has been shut off for several days during each PSPS.

Humboldt County is NOT located near the fires or evacuation areas in Northern California. Only power has been affected. We live in Fortuna, south of Eureka.

Thank you for the support and appreciate your patience!
Stay safe out there.

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